2016 Syrah and Petite Sirah Blend

2016 Syrah and Petite Sirah Blend

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Year: 2016

Varietal: Syrah (85%), Petite Sirah (15%)

Clone: N/A

Description: Petite Sirah is legendary for being a blending grape derived from it's Syrah sibling -- it possesses a stronger backbone of tannic texture. Our 2016 Syrah is no delicate wine in it's own right. Combine the two and you get a deep purple powerhouse of a wine with strong tannins that pursue notes of blackberry cobbler, cedar and cinnamon. This wine packs a punch and will stick around on your palate until dessert. Despite these observations of strength, this wine is still incredibly well balanced and thoughtful. 

Origin: Paso Robles

Size: 750ml