Whether you are a fan of NCAA or not, you will not want to miss our WINE MADNESS BRACKETS.

Join us in predicting the best wine of March! We will select 16 wines and the one that ends up selling the most will be the winner. Track your pick weekly - we'll be sharing the winners of each round. 

Do you want to win our special prize? Stop into the tasting room throughout March and support your favorite wines by purchasing glasses and bottles. 

Kick off for March Wine Madness will take place WEDNESDAY, MARCH 4th. Any purchase on that day over $30 will qualify to receive one of our brackets *complimentary flights and glasses not included*. 

Pick your wine winners from our current MARCH menu & track your winners on our menu board weekly. Winning wines will be announced every Wednesday in March, with final winner announced on MARCH 25th. 

Winner walks away with a bottle of the winning wine and SPECIAL CUSTOMIZED LAB GIFT, which will be revealed mid month. If we have a tie, a blind tasting will be the tiebreaker.

You can leave your bracket at The Lab or take it home, but we won't be able to replace any lost brackets with results.